De-Soldering APM2 pin headers - HELP!


Just got my new Octo frame in from SteadiDrones - Yeah!

... and discovered I need to replace the Top-Side pin headers

on my APM2 with the Right Angled version.

The web was distressingly short of any video guides on the matter,

and I'm weary of destroying the board.

Any pointers as to what I can do?

Thanks -


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  • Thanks all for your input!

    Well, while I/m tempted to do the pin-by-pin methods,

    I'll use the patience system ...
    and just increase the height of the dome until some nice

    job offer pays for a new APM 2.5 :-)


  • Actually, Robert discreetly provided the best most practical way to do this when the parts you're removing can be sacrificed. Just about any pro would do it that way too. I'll explain it a little more blatantly, you will almost certainly have success.

    It would be foolish to try doing this and to preserve the relatively cheap headers at possibly the expense of the APM board. What you do is cut off most of the pins on the top side, leaving just enough to be able to grab with needle-nose pliers (test on one pin first); the idea is to minimize the amount of metal. Heat up the shortened pin with medium to high heat (I'd use 700-800 degrees F) and pull it completely out of the board and the plastic header strip: easy. Take your time, but it goes pretty quickly.

  • Hi Guys -

    Thanks for the input! Considering the options, well...

    1. Get a pro to do it, still at risk with the board

    2. Add/Change spacers to the SteadiDrones dome to increase the clearance for the connectors - cheap, no risk, looks bad

    3. Sell the ol' APM2.0 and buy a new APM2.5 with (uninstalled) angled pins - lose some $$$, no risk



  • Admin

    @ Gil,

    If you want to keep from destroying your APM board then you need to find someone with a vacuum solder sucker. I would not even try a manual one as they are really not that effect and are difficult to use properly without a lot of experience.

    Just a thought.



  • Oh boy...  If you don't have much soldering experience (and I'm assuming since you asked this question you don't), this is actually fairly tricky.  It's far harder to remove those pins than it is to install them.  I have a fair amount of experience, and I still struggle to do this cleanly.  I can only suggest you seek out somebody to help you.

    It's somewhat trivial for somebody who knows what they're doing, but really easy to seriously screw up the board if you are inexperienced.

    I hesitate to even give instructions in this case.

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