Deans plugs - Beware WARNING don't mix!

Wow, I've never seen something like this.

I am testing my new setup and have been using some older Batteries which I believe have HK Deans Plugs. I have been flying my Trex 450 with them and never had a problem with these connectors.

I am setting up a SkyFun and it also cam with a HK Deans male connector. The plugs mate fine no problem.

Last week I ordered Deans connectors from and soldered them onto the a current Sensor

(I assume is selling original Deans connectors?!?)

No problems in testing. I did notice that the Female (DYIDRones) connector needs a lot or force to connect to the Male HK connector.

Today I was doing a final test at home before heading top the flight field. I connect the battery HK female to DYI Male and - NOTHING -  no power. I check the battery 11.6 V measured with a Volt meter at the deans connector  Hmmm --- I take another battery # 2 everything is fine.

I connect Battery # 1 again and leave a ,little room so I can still touch the male connector with my Volt meter tips. NO VOLTAGE. The Connectors are mechanically mated and provide perfect insulation. 

  I conclude the female (HK) must have an issue. I snap of the plastic of BUT the contacts are flawless - no dirt no corrosion nothing.

I take battery #3 same problem.

I take the current sensor out and connect female (HK) to male (HK) and the problems goes away.

So I have a bunch of incompatible Deans connectors.

This could have easily gone really bad in flight.

What I have learned - Do NOT mix Deans connectors from different vendors best Use something else.

I am going to switch to XT60 unless somebody has a better suggestion!

I hope this post will save somebodies Plane !

Has anybody similar experiences?  I'd like to hear!



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    Switch to XT60's. The part of the Deans connector that actually carries the current is the thick metal bit, not the spring. Sometimes that spring is not strong enough to actually force the contacts together and a break occurs (worst with the Dean's copies). After having a few of these problems (and others) with Dean's I changed to XT60's and have never looked back (nor wanted to).

  • Interesting.  I've never used dean plug.  Good to know nonetheless.  Since I buy most of my LiPo from HK and most already come with XT60, I used XT60 since day one.

  • I have had the same Prob.....This year I switched to the Same Xt60,= should of done this along time ago,+ they are easier to connect and disconnect. Only prob and not really a problem is when soldering the xt60 it is best to join/connect the male  and female before you start to solder so the heat don't cause them to miss align causing a hard to fit plug.

  • I checked the Deans connectors from DYIdrones a little closer and it turns out the distance between the vertical and horizontal connector is almost 1 mm less than on all other deans plugs I have.

    As a result the vertical male contact is pulled to the center and does not make contact with the female connector....

    Does anybody know if these connectors are the originals? May be just a bad batch?

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