To those of us  in the Colorado Denver/Boulder area: I will be giving a talk "What's up? Drones: A Technology Overview" at the University of Colorado on September 30th. Will be great to meet in person fellow drone builders and flyers!

Anyone interested in attending, free registration and more information is available here: https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/35937    


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Drones: A Technology Overview

Olivier Brousse,  3Dvistas

Unmanned aircraft systems are being heralded by some as the next “big thing”. Meanwhile the industrial market for drones has changed rapidly and dramatically in the past several years, with small professional drones on the industrial scene anticipated by some to reach  over 100,000 vehicles in the coming years, and recreational drones well over a million.

In this seminar we will present an overview of multirotor drone technology from an engineering perspective, from sensors to system components to flight controllers and software, and from theory to practice. Covering the field broadly will be the main objective, but we will not hesitate to drill down and touch on the basic principles and underlying technology necessary to make a drone fly. To this end we will be “lifting the hood”,   and further expose how drone engineering integrates both theoretical and practical concepts from the fields of Aerospace, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, along with Computer Science. From there we will cover the many applications  these new aerial robotic tools can be used for.

To anchor the presentation we will bring a custom heavy lifter (seven foot span) octocopter.  We will also fly a  nano drone, with onboard real time video transmitted to a wide screen TV.


About the presenter: Olivier Brousse received his B.S. degree  in Mathematics and Physics from Beloit College,  and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He began the first half of his career as a technical and executive  consultant in the area of computer networking and security, and then held a number of executive positions  in the IT world domestically and abroad. Seven years ago he caught the “drone” bug, and began building multirotors from scratch. This was  when MEMs flight sensors were in their infancy and had to be soldered by hand, and reliable flight controller software was only a wish and required many “hacks”.  During that time he actively participated in the emerging field, and crashed many drones while still ecstatic that they could fly at all.  He then watched the field mature to its present state, where he can safely and reliably fly autonomous multi-kilometer missions at the flick of a switch. Today he is the founder of 3Dvistas, a company that   researches, designs, builds and flies professional autonomous drones for a wide range of research and industry applications. Olivier is also the author of a higher education course on fundamentals of drone engineering.

Wednesday, September 30th,  5pm. Location: CU Engineering Center, Discovery Learning Center (DLC).      Room: Bechtel Collaboratory. Please register before 9/27 at  https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/35937

Drone Seminar 9-30.pdf

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