Where is there a description of the column headings in flight planning mode for Arducopter?

Specifically how do you turn on the column headings?

What is the purpose/function of Grad%, Dist, AZ?


I am attempting to shoot a rockface wall, oblique to add to a NADIR mission. What I am envisioning is starting at WP1, 10m altitude, moving west to east to WP2, with the camera/UAV facing north or 90 degree off of the flight line. Then fly to WP3 which is 10m higher than WP2, flying east to west to WP4. Then fly to WP5(20m) which is 10m higher than WP4, and fly west to east to WP6(30m).

So, I would like to know what the Grad%, Dist, AZ mean, and the best way to create the flight plan as noted above.


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please connect to the copter, the column headers will then fix themselves.


I am attempting to pre-plan a mission noted above, thus the request for details.

Any suggestions on the above noted mission?

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