DesRoll startup value -30 / Pixhawk / 3.2.1


I have a big problem with my Hexa - 3DR Pixhawk/ 3DR Compas/ T-Motor 4010/ Ztw Spider 30A ESC. / 4S 15000mha

When I arm and start my hexa copter, it starts normaly, but when I raise throtle 4 motors spins aggresive with high rpm and the two left motors just spin slowly. When I give more throtle the copter flips.

I have re-installed 3.2.1, calibrated several times accel, compas all ESC both single calibarion and all calibration.

I had a look in the log file and the DesRoll has constant a value of -30 and Roll value at 0, and follow my throtle input. I asume that this is the reason why the motors act as they do.

Can anyone tell me why the DesRoll starts with the value -30, and what to do?

Best regards

Klaus Buddig

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  • Klaus,

    Please do us a favor and connect to the GCS and have a look in Mission Planner if your horizon is off by 30 degrees in the HUD. We have been having some problems with the Pixhawk and this sounds similar.

    • @Andreas
      Thanks for your response. After connecting to GCS and checked the HUD I could se that everything was OK.

      Then I checked all initial settings and I discovered that the radio channel for Roll didn't respond to my radio!. A quick check showed that the channel was mapped wrong on my FrSky radio... I must have done something by mistake a week ago, when a made a copy of the model on my FrSky radio.

      Sorry for my first post - My fault ;-)  

      • Are you running the default RC in channel order?

        • Yes - now I'm back with the right mapping ;-)

          The reason was that I had been playing with some switches that by mistake overwrote the Roll channel with the value zero.

          I have a throtle safety switch, overwriting the throttle channel 3 to zero, in order to prevent my throttle stick to set the Pixhawk into ESC programming mode by mistake.

          This is a feature that I think is usefull :-)

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