devices used in 3d mapping

hello every one , actually as a student  i m developing an experimental   multi role UAV , i need some help in 3d mapping ..
like wat kind of avionics , softwares , systems and devices r used , if any suggestions plz let me know
ur suggestion would be very helpful 4r me :) 

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  • Hi Chad!
    I have just added you as friend in order to contact you!!!
  • try microsoft photosynth then extract the point cloud. it has worked for me... but like others write have plenty of overlap
  • Very interested in your progress too chad! Keep us updated!

  • I have two 3D scanning applications. Both developed from things I found on good ol' fashioned Google.

    Colin Ord's 3D scanner is pretty impressive but as its VB6 I updated it to .net 3.5 and found it to work(ish) so with some jiggery pokery I can scan accurately in realtime. Parts: Webcam, Laser, Cocktail stick.

    Todd Donko's range finder is a different beast entirely. Whilst once calibrated it becomes accurate putting the scanned information together is what I have found hard. Once again I can scan in realtime but as the line should be level (like in flight) for the data I have had problems with consistency. Parts: Webcam, Laser, Cocktail stick.

    Webcam sees stuff. Use a visible light filter from eBay to help with red laser work during the daytime.
    Laser allows you to performance 3D mathematics. Red is good for IR capable webcams. Green is so clear for large distance scans (30m+ or out of the window in my case).
    Cocktail stick (glass preferably) changes the laser dot into a laser line with 180° field so once further away scans can continue.

    I am currently working on another method of scanning but playing with my plane, work and friends have all interrupted any real progress. I'm hoping to then port one of these methods into a self contained bay in my UAV (just for laughs).
  • Prakul, you need to be more specific. Do you have the image processing sorted and you are looking just for advice on the image capture stage? I can assure you of one thing - the processing is where the difficulty lies!

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