Difficulties uploading firmware

I am stumped on this one.  I am trying to upload a custom AP_Motor quad .cpp file for my TBS disco.  The way I am going about doing that is this:

1) Download V2.8.1 from the downloads section

2) Change the .cpp file in my librairies folder

3) Add the 2.8.1 libraries to the arduino library folder

4) compile and upload with arduino

It successfully uploads to the APM.  I then open the Mission planner and connect, which it connects to the APM fine.  However, at this point none of the sensors seem to be working and the blue and red lights in the corner of the APM2 are not flashing.  I can change and upload the configuration, but that's about it.  When on battery power, I cannot arm (also no flashing blue and red lights).

When i reload V2.8.1 via the mission planner all is ok.  But I do not have the option (I think) to change the motor angles, which I believe is causing me stability issues.  Is there a different way to manually upload custom firmwares?

Any thoughts?

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  • Developer

    APM_Config.h has a line :


    uncomment this line.

    BTW, Dont move the library folder. Just point at it with the Arduino preferences. Then restart Arduino.


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