Dilemma after a crashed landing

I need your views on this. I have a quad and I’m new to this, I fly several times with no problem, take off and landing successfully. After one day I come across this “flyaway” behavior. My quad crashed and damages several parts including its GPS and one of its motor. The 4 position connector shatters from its socket. After several fixes my GPS still able to obtain satellite fix. Luckily no one was hurt during its crashed.

My quad now was fixed, but I’m still nervous and hesitant to fly again because it might behave that bad again. Did you guys bump into this kind of dilemma?

Is there a way to know if my APM board now accurately behaving?

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  • Re: the dilema...these are always good excuses to bring forward the upgrade you might have been dreaming about...;-)

  • 1. Check the HDOP value in MP, and the satellitle count. That's a good indicator of GPS performance. If it's all over the place...replace the unit.


    2. Replace the motor. But also check your props for possible structural failure. If the impact was strong enough to break a motor mount, it was definitely strong enough to damage props.


    3. For APM performance, use MP on the bench, and use the tune window. Rotate the quad around all three axis. you should see solid activity on the gyros. Rotate quad in yaw. Compass heading should update accurately. Lift the quad up and down in the air. Altitude should change. If using a 3DR power module, verify it's reading the right volts.


    4. Check your airframes alignment. A bent arm or mount will affect performance.


    5. Check your wiring. If a motor was yanked off, then stress will have been applied to all the wires, all the way back to the PDB, and possibly beyond.


    After that...you should be confident that all the electronics are running ok on the bench. Only way to gain more confidence is to fly it...

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