• OK, The correct answer is 50% of the batteries capacity. As "Gary Sevin" stated, 3.80 - 3.85 v per cell is about right. But I find so much conflicting information on the web about discharging lipo batteries.  My question (not to steal the purpose of this post),  When do you need to disharge a battery?  I typically  fly about 1 - 3 times per month.  when I am done flying, I will charge my batteries up to full voltage and store them in an Amo box in the garage until I am ready to fly.  Is that wrong?  I could see discharging for safe tansport, or discharging for long storage like a few months over the winter.  But I dont think storing a full charged battery for a few weeks is a bat thing?  Seems like I would wear the battery out instead of prolong the life by constantly discharging my batteries. 

  • Is 3.8volt the upper safe limit
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    3.5v per cell, nominal. 3.0V Absolute min.
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