Discrepancy Between .csv and .mat file data

Hello all,

I am working on a project where I am doing a lot of data post-processing in MATLAB. I used the Create a MATLAB File in Mission Planner to convert my tlogs to .mat. After analyzing the data and realizing things were messed up I converted the same tlog to .csv. Upon looking at the same data and performing the same analysis the results were a lot better. I dug deeper and found that the .mat file has bad raw data points whereas the .csv file has the "correct" (as far as I know) raw data.

Also, plotting data from the .csv file matches graphs created in Mission Planner under the Telemetry Logs tab whereas the MATLAB plots do not match.

Is there any reason why this could be? Are the .csv files and .mat files created differently from Mission Planner? On my end I am just looking at the raw data in both file types.

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  • how do you convert a tlog file yo a csv format?

    • In Mission Planner, under Flight Data in the box under the HUD click on the Telemetry Logs tab. Click Tlog > Kml or Graph, in the popup window there should be a button to select Convert to CSV.

      • Thank you.

        If I want the GPS time not elapsed time how would I extract this data?

  • Developer

    can you give me an example fieldname etc, so I can confirm the issue?

    • Hi Michael,

      I am looking at the Analog Airspeed set-up on an APM2.6 running Arduplane and transmitting with an XBEE wireless setup.

      Thank you for looking into this.

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