Discussion for participants in the FIRST Robotics blimp demonstration

This is forum for teams that will be participating in the FIRST Robotics League aerial robotics demonstration in Atlanta on April 17-18.

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The kit we received @ WPI contained white styrofoam fin-type pieces. Are these pieces fins for the blimp? and if so how do we attach them to the blimp? what are the instructions?
You don't need the fins, but if you want you can put them on for more directional stability. You just tape them on.

I was at the FIRST Championships today in Atlanta and saw the aerial robotics demonstration on the schedule. When I tried to find it no one could tell me where it was. Did it happen today?

Thank you,

Yes, we were in the back where NASA TV was interviewing. We also flew around all four corners of the dome until 2pm. Everyone has finals right now, but we'll post some pictures soon.
So were there any pictures ever posted ?
Is there a demo planned in 2010 or, between now and then... anywhere?

Are there any FIRST Blimp participants in the Boston area? If so I'd like to observe if that is possible

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