Displaying 3DR RSSI information on Minimosd?

Hi, new to the game, just set up my bixler 2 with a ublox, APM2.5, miniosd and 433mhz 3dr radios. I use a turnigy 9x upgraded with FrSky DJT kit, but my receiver is the stock item that as far as Im aware does not send telemetry so no RSSI (Ill upgrade it soon). With this in mind, Id like to use the RSSI information from my 3DR radios on my head up display, so I can see if my range is dropping out. When I turn RSSI on in the Minimosd config utility, all I get constantly is an error message saying Low RSSI. I am assuming it is looking for my non existant RSSI from my receiver  Is there anyway of displaying the RSSI information on the minimosd from the 3DR radio? 

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  • Did you ever get any response to this?  Or figure out a way to do it?  I would like to have telemetry signal data on the OSD as well

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