Hi everybody,
so I'm new on this forum, after som searching a picked this forum for help.
So I've decided to do a drone as a graduation project. Done some research already, but I'd like to get some opinions and, most importantly, advices on it.
So, until now, I'd like to do a X-shaped drone with a length 500mm. The frame desing - I've started doing some sketch in CAD, and I can design it in Blender and 3D print (Prusa, if thats not sufficient, I also have access to a professional 3D printer) it in school, should that be good ? I think we have ABS. The propellers diameter about 200mm(?).

In anything else, I need your help. I've also checked on motors, controlling units, etc. but I'd like to hear advices from guys, which know more to this than me :).

What about controller? I also thought about adding camera on it, maybe done live-streaming to controller.

I'd like to spend on it max 300€. Some things I can do on my own, I know something about electronics, I know programming and also have Raspberry Pi 3. Maybe for using spare parts, have 2 RC helicopters.

Thank you in forward for your time and knowledge to this topic :).

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Anyone please?

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