DIY Drones Members using remzibi OSD?

Hi All, Besides Jordi and HappyKillmore are there anyother DIY Drones members using the remzibi OSD? I think that the remzibi OSD is a great low cost solution for FPV, but I am somewhat hesitant to use it with my Ardupilot due to the requirement to use remzibi's GPS which uses NMEA strings. I know that early Ardupilot software used the EM406A with NMEA strings so it might be possible to use the EM406A with the remzibi OSD. Does anyone know what GPS remzibi is using? I did get five of the Maxim 7456 OSD generator chips to help restock remzibi's supply, but I am still hesitant to purchase his setup. Regards, TCIII

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  • I have two of them and three APMs.
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    The code in ArduPilot 2.5 for Remzibi isn't complete.

    Seems to me that the right way to go with Remzibi would be to scrap the gps that comes with it and code NMEA output from ArduPilot to input to Remzibi. I wouldn't want to get gps data from Remzibi because that would preclude (or at least interfere with) using ArduIMU

    I thought there was a workgroup trying to figure out how to encode telemetry data in the blanking interval with Remzibi. Anybody know anything about that?
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    I have Remzibi OSD and Et OSD Pro, both have passed ground testing, but ArduPilot need more work before I fly again..
  • I am a Remzibi OSD user, though have not yet flown it (waiting on an order from HC)
    I spent some time looking at all the OSD's and concluded Remzibi's OSD had the best feature set for its price. The recent ardupilot integration makes it even better.

    More info on the GPS supplied can be found here
    The same MTK chipset is used in the Locosys LS20033 GPS which most other OSDs use.
    Any GPS that spits out NMEA strings at TTL levels should be compatible with the Remzibi OSD.
    Hope this helps.
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