looking for some recommendations on the items I need 

This is what a currently have ready for a aerial  Drone 

4   4000 mah  6 s batteries

1 Tarot Carbon Fiber Frame FY690S TL68C01

6 4910 380KV motors with props

1  Sony A 3600 DSLR Camera

Could you recommend the items I need to complete the build

 1 Flight Controller   ?

 6 ESC For the above motors ?

 1 Radio Never Had one   and what every I need to connect......

 1 Video transmitter to view hdmi camera output

 1 Gimbal system to hold a DSLR Camera

 2 Landing gear retraction kit

 6 LED Kit for motor arms


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Hey Steven.  You may want to try AX Control for the motor needs and the LED kits.  I know they sell brushless motors, so they may have other things for them. Not sure about the rest.  Good luck. 

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