Hello, I am interested in building my own hoverboard. I am very technical Software Engineer with experience in Technical Computing. I have already made my own quadcopter which flies between 10 and 20 minutes (depending on how fast I go). 

Today I saw this video of this guy breaking the world record on his hoverboard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfa9HrieUyQ and i was very interested in building my own with a little different design. So first of all, how is this guy doing this? What setup do you guys think he has?

Second, I want two propellers one in the front and one in the back (if possible, otherwise 4, 6 or 8 can do) and I want my hoverboard to be the size of that one in the video or even smaller. I want it to have the design of a longboard / skateboard so that I can go sideways. So let's say, I want to fly for a minute or 5, what motors do I need and what batterypack do I need? I weigh around 75kg. And what could the cost be of this? I imagine that guy haven't spend millions on his hoverboard?  

I'll be doing more research on this, but guidance to the right path is very appreciated. Thank you all very much. 


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Flyboards are the modern version of the hoverboards. Few companies are trying to produce flyboard. I found a few flyboard videos below.


I am using a TOMOLOO hoverboard that is very faster. I bought this hoverboard from this website http://www.hoverpicks.com/best-hoverboard-for-kids/

"(depending on how fast I go

do you mean Follow Me quadcopter ?

I am looking for Follow Me controller for electric wheelchair

Well, you can build your own hoverboard because you have the technical knowledge, all you need is to buy the gadget that you will use in the making.


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