DIYdrones motor - can it fly upside-down? Equally puller/pusher?

I'm working on a new frame layout.  I have a motor question.

My most recent design is outlined on a DIYdrones post here:

...and, my a-ha moment that a QUAD has ZERO motor/esc redundancy is best exemplified by the crash at the end of this video:

So, I am going to give the same frame design a 4-more-motor treatment - I'm moving to a X8 configuration.

The strength of a bicycle wheel, along with the already perfect alignment of spoke holes for motor mounts makes it a logical next try.

Here's the question:

The diameter of the bike wheel means that 8x11X4.7 props will overlap - just a bit.  I'd like to put 4 motors BELOW, facing downwards.

Will the DIYdrones motors perform as advertised as pushers?

Thanks in advance.


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My understanding of it is any well designed outrunner motor can be used in a puller or pusher configuration without issue. I haven't seen the motors from the store in a pusher configuration but they should do just fine. If you haven't bought them yet you could check with support to get a second opinion.

Any R/C brushless outrunner motor can be made to run both ways. Just swap connection for two of the three phase wires to reverse the direction.

The motor doesn't know nor care up from down.  But the propeller does have a definite up or down side.

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