I'm working on a new frame layout.  I have a motor question.

My most recent design is outlined on a DIYdrones post here:  http://diydrones.com/group/arducopterusergroup/forum/topics/on-constructing-quad-frames?xg_source=activity

...and, my a-ha moment that a QUAD has ZERO motor/esc redundancy is best exemplified by the crash at the end of this video:

So, I am going to give the same frame design a 4-more-motor treatment - I'm moving to a X8 configuration.

The strength of a bicycle wheel, along with the already perfect alignment of spoke holes for motor mounts makes it a logical next try.

Here's the question:

The diameter of the bike wheel means that 8x11X4.7 props will overlap - just a bit.  I'd like to put 4 motors BELOW, facing downwards.

Will the DIYdrones motors perform as advertised as pushers?

Thanks in advance.


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    Simply Yes

  • The motor doesn't know nor care up from down.  But the propeller does have a definite up or down side.

  • My understanding of it is any well designed outrunner motor can be used in a puller or pusher configuration without issue. I haven't seen the motors from the store in a pusher configuration but they should do just fine. If you haven't bought them yet you could check with support to get a second opinion.

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