DJI f450 / 550 In Arm Mounted Stealth Retracts System

I have designed some cool arm mounted retracts for the DJI Flame Wheel Quad. I have attached an install guide for those who are trying to do this for themselves or are just curious.
The custom parts can be provided on request. All communication regarding cost etc. VIA PM ONLY Please.

My original concept was for a 3DR Iris quad, but some folks asked about doing them for the DJI Flame Wheel. So I solicited some input and came up with these. Many thanks to those who contributed.

They are designed to support from 10 - 15 pounds. they consist of custom Legs and mounts. They utilize off the shelf parts such as servoless retract actuators and various nuts, bolts and servo extensions.

All up weight of all four installed is ~140 grams.

Here are some links to videos of one:

Here are a couple of photos of one arm with them installed.

Please feel free to comment and make recommendations.


How to: IMP%20Concepts%20DJI%20450%2C%20550%20Retracts.pdf

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waw, that is awesome !

Any plans on selling a kit ? how much would it cost?

Yes, I am selling them on request as they are custom. Please email me at if you are interested.

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