DJI GO 4 MOD 2.0
  • CAN be installed next to the official DJI GO 4 from the Play Store OR DJI GO 4 MOD LITE
  • Scramble Android ID, Android Serial # and IMEI (Just in case DJI catches on)
  • Google Maps (Save offline maps in the official Google Maps app for Offline Maps support [BETA])
  • Force screen on while app is open
  • Auto set brightness to 100% when app is opened
  • Auto enable Wi-Fi when app is opened
  • Auto enable screen rotation
  • Red DJI GO 4 Icon for easier recognition of the modded app
  • Red Status and Nav Bars
  • Disabled App Transitions for faster app performance
  • Auto enable Do Not Disturb mode

  • Can be installed next to DJI GO 4 MOD 2.0 but NOT the official DJI GO 4 app from the Play Store due to having the same package name
  • Offline Maps
  • Here Maps
Both Apps Feature:
  • Forced the TX power to FCC limits
  • Enabled Intelligent Flight Modes from the Mavic Pro for the Spark
  • No forced updates - firmware or app
  • Enabled the option whether to cache video locally or not. May reduced crashes and CPU-load if switched off
  • Fake login - You can either login with your real account (online) or use the fake accout. To use the fake account you have to go offline (airplane mode) and put any non-numeric characters in the login box
  • Make DB Public for non-rooted devices @ /mnt/sdcard/DJI/dji_mod_{version_string}.db for offline flight planning
  • Enabled Spark Wi-Fi Channel Select on OTG
  • Remove check for rooted devices
  • OTG Support
  • Sphere Pano Support
  • DJI GO 4 Ver. 4.1.15

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