I have a couple of questions about the iOSD + A2. 

I am thinking of running an A2 and iOSD without it being attached to a UAV. I have a spare A2 for my S1000+ (don't ask how I ended up with a spare one) and intend to use it on a helicopter as I need to log the GPS and IMU data. I can easliy give it a stable 12v power source the whole time but I'm wondering if I will encounter an issue with it not being conected to a transmtitter, motors, etc.... Will it just start loging info as soon as its turned on or gets a GPS fix?

If it will run in this configuration and log data, can someone tell me how much flight log data it can hold? I will be using it on multiple 3 hours flights each day and need to log the enitre 3 hours with no breaks in the data. I would also prefereably like to only download all the flights at the end of the day, not inbetween. Will this be doable on the iOSD?

Any help or experiances will be greatly appreciated.



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