DJI WK-H on Traditional Heli - X-Cell Spectra-G

I have recently purchased and built the Miniature Aircraft - Spectra G Gasser and the DJI - WK-H controller.

There seems to be very little info on the final configurations for the controller for various sizes/types helicopters especially the Spectra-g Gasser.

My Current Setup is as follows:

Here is my setup hardware:

  • Spectra-G 2012
  • Zenoah PUH 260
  • Hitec HS-5565 MH HV Servos (cyclic + throttle)
  • Futaba BLS256HV (tail)
  • DJI-WK-H controller
  • 720mm Rotortech Scott Gray Mains
  • 105mm Edge tail blades
  • Align T-rex 700 Flybar (600mm)
  • Align F3C Flybar Paddles
  • std carb
  • RJX Tuned Muffler
  • 13/93t gear ratio 7.15

  • GPS is positioned 68cm from the main shaft.
  • IMU is 19cm from main shaft.

  I will post some pictures when I have it all together.

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  • So let the rebuild begin :)

    going to test motor today after opening and inspecting it, everything looks good to go.

  • Wow, sorry to hear that. What kind of flight controller was on it at the time?
  • Hi Guys,

    I'm putting the project on hold, helicopter was totally destroyed in a RX/TX lockout failure on this past sunday.

    i will update with my findings to the cause of the lockout, the failsafe never took over at that moment.

    even the gopro camera had stopped recording at the time of the failure.

  • Hi there, as you know i have my spectra G flying with a WKH, so i'll post some pics of my installation and also a copy of my .ace file so you can view my setup values.  I will get the Spectra G on the bench tonight to take the photos.

    As i remember those measurements are around the same as mine. 

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