will this work as a replacement for xbee 


$69.00 each and can be bumped to 1W output.

 low-cost, long-range, multi-purpose, multi-function frequency hopping line of RF modules. DNT modules support Analog and Digital I/O and Serial data


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  • Hey John,

    Tell me what you think about this idea :



  • I agree - I think they are a fantastic radio. I have been working on a project to interface them to the arduino mega to make an open source, multi-vehicle, fully configurable control system. Whole kit (two full arduino shields + radios will cost less than two of the xtend900 radios alone;  Plus, they can do up to 115200baud at 1 watt. Much faster!)

    Please check out my project! and let me know if you ever need help integrating these


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