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    I discovered this while playing with the HIL Sim, I put it in the wiki here under basic commands: (

    All DO_xxx commands currently need a dummy waypoint placed after the command


    Home will be set at WAYPOINT_1 but will not work if WAYPOINT_2 is not there.

  • More -- when i set do_control_speed to 0,1,1 (airspeed, 1 m/s, 1% throt), and had it fly

    to a waypoint at the same altitude it started at, it did fine until it started to stall

    (ie, it glided with no throt).  Then it went nuts trying to right itself.

    I should note I have Alt_Cntl_Alg set to 1, so that I can dive steeply.

    My guess is it is programmed to not let itself stall and crash.  Given the

    various commands I've given it, it's going a bit nuts...

    I'm going to try setting a series of way points, each at a lower altitude,

    set at horizontal distances that should be no problem to make (throttle off),

    given the glide ratio of the RC plane.  Hopefully I'll never hit stall conditions,

    and the do_control_speed command won't wig out.

    More later,


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