Hi guys,
When an drone crashes and the propellors hit the ground do the ESCs get damaged. My drone crashed one while I was flying and motor 1 hit the ground along with the propellor. The motor was damaged so I replaced the motor checked and the esc1 seemed to be working fine(Motor 1 was rotating). The next time I flew it the drone climbed and after a while the esc1 failed and crashed (The drone flipped to that side and one FET was also burnt). Was the esc1 already damaged after my first crash?. While taking off it worked fine but did it burn when the load was too high.
Should we replace the esc when the props hit the ground and how do we check if the esc is working

Thank you in advance

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Depends of the sytem used by that particular esc..

While the motor is spining, the impedance of the colis(wired in delta confiduration normally) is hig, because the magnet is moving to the center of the coil... is generated an extra back emf  ...

but when the magnets dont move, or the same: the motor is not turning that extra back emf dont exist in the coils...

so its only present the autoinduction factor, in consecuence the impedance is lower than the turning situation.

so yes, is the motor is stoped more current is required and the transistors will dranin more current... but if the esc is good,

it can avoid the burning od the transistor by having a dinamic limit...

you can chek the state os your transistors with a amperimeter or an osciloscope comparing the esc outputs on a specific load

maibe an esc manufacter will expalin this situation much better, anyone?

so you are considering seriusly repair that esc instead of pursache one new?

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