DO I Have Every Thing?

I am New to this and already I am addicted! I am with a group of people who are trying to build a UVA for a school project. I am wondering if you guys (and Girls) could just go over our shopping list and see if we have everything. also if you think a part would be better suited that would tremendously helpful also!

Heres whats on our to get list so far.

For the Auto Pilot:

BY my understanding thats all We need. If you think something is missing please tell us it would be increadibly helpful.

Now for the plane 

1XRC controller** -109.98 (says it comes with reciever) 

Is that all i need for the plane? IF not could you give us some tips/ Advice. I have read through many threads in the forums and every time i find something new i need or theres just so much information it gets confusing. Thanks for all your help! I know the community here is great already from reading the forums.


UPDATE:: I changed the motor, Battery, charger, and speed controller! :-) does any one see any thing im missing? clips? Input/output parts? Also i gave every part a Link. I also added telemitry

Thanks far all the help guys! UR GREAT!

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  • You should look at this post on what upgrades you want to do for the Easystar. A link to it is on the ardupilot home page under the picture of the Easy Star:

    You're going to want Lipo batteries, not NiMH, and therefore you'll also want a Lipo charger in place of the charger you listed.

  • 3D Robotics
    You also need a brushless motor for the EasyStar (the motor it comes with is a terrible underpowered brushed model).

    Later you can add telemetry with the Xbee modules.
  • Ah, I see

    You're getting the kit! For some reason I couldn't get one of those in the UK and had to buy them sepertely.


  • The Arispeed tubes come with the shield. Thanks for the advice!
  • Hi,

    You will need some servo extension leads from the ArduPilot to the R/C receiver. These are Female to Female and not carried by many model shops in my experince. Robotics stores tend to carry them and you can find them online.

    You also need Pitot tubes for the airspeed sensor on the shield. You could make these or they are available pre-made from DIY Drones store.

    Good luck on your project!!!!!

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