Do the ESC's have to be the same kind?

When calibrating the ESC's I found that one of the ESC's is defective, and I just do not have time to order a new one from HobbyKing. So, my other option is to buy one from a local store. The problem, however, is that I did not find the same kind of ESC's that the 3 other ones are. I can find ones with similar specs, but just not the same exact one. Will that affect how the quadcopter runs?


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  • Different ESCs running different firmware can have different response characteristics to changes in throttle.  Whether these would be potentially significant enough for you to notice, I can't say.

    I would expect that the flight controller may be able to compensate, but I still recommend against using different ESCs or firmware.  You should also recheck your PID gains any time you change ESCs or firmware.

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