Do we need a licence for HeX to fly?

Is it true that in US a UAV maker or manufacturer need a licence before they can sell or fly their air vehicles? And FAA is the body who give the approval and issue that licence?

We did some researches about this policy before on the website of FAA. In our understandings, only those UAVs which can reach a pretty high altitude and could impose a potential threat to air traffic need to apply for a licence. As for those small air vehicles which's ability of climbing up is quite limited, it's not necessary to have a licence.

Are we right or wrong? We concern about this issue is because we're going to launch a pledge on Kickstarter soon to raise a fund for our prototype of HeX. We really need to know if we need to have some money to cover the fees of applying this licence.

Can somebody help us out on this question? Thank you so much.


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Aug 25