Hello,I'm trying to learn more about the depths of computer design, I'm talking about CPU design. Down to the very very low level of Computer Organization.

I took a few EE (I did a CS degree so...) classes in college, but it was mostly Introduction and Logic gates (which I do understand). However it never went much further than that. Im not looking to build a Computer from scratch or anything, but what would be the most SIMPLE starting point for someone interested in this. I was thinking maybe a 4 bit adder? or something similar? I have done a bit of electronics work, so Soldering and such I know the basics (as well as components).

Ideas/Suggestions for an Intro project? Or some documentation would be super helpful? a few people recommended this book: Elements of Computing Systems

But I do not know how much "hands on" it would be. When I talk simple I'm talking about a simple adder using LEDS for the output or something similar.

I'm super interested in this but don't know where to start. I have the third edition of Computer Organization and Design, but it doesn't have much hands on stuff.

The depths of my knowledge is basically basic logic gates, I'll need to go back and refresh myself but I do understand adders and such (virtually) but I wouldn't know how to implement them on a breadboard (or any of the hardware parts of it).

And maybe something similar to this: http://projects.coobird.net/build/building_adder.html

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