Do you need orthomosaic photos?

I am setting up a heavy duty online server to process images and create orthomosaic images out of it. Normal computers take hours and hours and this thing could significantly reduce the time. If you would be interested in getting your geo-tagged images converted into orthomosaic image, please let me know.

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  • What processing software are you using?

    Might be interested on an as-needed basis to eventual subscription.

    If you are still looking at pricing models, check out how does it.

    • Thanks Erich, I am for now using OpenDroneMap for processing.

  • Would there be an option to pay by the job?

    • Hi Joby, happy to discuss. email me with what your typical job size would be( e.g. how many images, size etc)

  • How much is it?


    • We are planning to price it somewhere around $100 per month, but as an early customer, how about $50/month for unlimited number of processing requests for that calendar month ? We may revise this price in future, but will keep your pricing fixed at least till end of this year 2015.

      You can email me at 

  • Are you doing this as a service?  If so how much will you charge?

    I'm interested.  

    • Hi Chuck, Would love to setup this as a service. Here is a sample mesh, polygon, texture files created as a result of processing about 166 geotagged images using the setup.

      Let me know if this is of your interest. 

      Shared with Dropbox
      • Greetings from Texas, 

        I am flying a 3DR solo with a GO PRO 5.4MM lens swap. I am mapping parcels of about 20 acres and smaller. I am interested in this service let me know. 


        • HI Martin, you can email me at 

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