I am considering a 3DR IRIS for use (initially) for straight-down photography for mosaicing images into high resolution maps.  I am concerned that the GoPro, with its wide angle lens will not give me as good a quality as perhaps a Canon SX260 or similar (after lens correction processing).

Can you mount a camera other than the GoPro on Iris?

Does the Tarot Brushless Gimbal Kit work with other cameras?

Any and all advice welcomed.

Thanks,  chuck

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I would think the sx260 is a bit heavy for the iris and you can't use it with a tarot its just to big. 

IRIS has 425 g (.9 lb) payload capacity, Cannon SX260 is 231g (including the battery and memory card), so hopefully IRIS can carry it.

Dont forget about the gimbal

I suggest this following cause your flight times will suffer with pushing the weight.. Use a go pro but change the lens on it. The go pro 3 black is what I have and I couldn't dump that lens fast enough. If you take your time and do it yourself it will only cost you about 50 bucks. I have a megapixel 5.5mm F2.5 and it works fantastic. I use mine for cinematic video for my production company but that lens should get you to where you will have some nice aerial photos.  And if you really want to get serious I suggest not using a multi rotor for this sort of mission and going to a airplane.  RVJET Skywalker Carbon, X8 etc.. now with that and your cannon you can get hour plus of flight times cover tons of acreage and thats what we do.

I dont have an Iris, but im guessing when you add 200g or 400g your flight times will come way down to under 8mins for sure.

Any updates on this?

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