Does ACM support the configurator?

I started with ArducopterNG 1.0 in acro mode with great results. The setup was a breeze when using the LabVIEW Configurator 1.2.2.

I've switched to ACM beta available from the trunk in search of the latest features. I hope I didn't miss the asnwer to this question elsewhere......(pardon if i did) My question: Is the configurator supported?Or does all configuration need to be done in the CLI??

If not, is support planned, or will it be retired as legacy upon the official release of ACM 2.0?

I've tried using the configurator on ACM beta with no success, so my guess is not.

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    ACM will use a configurator built into the Mission Planner, and of course it still uses the CLI if you prefer that. It will not use the old LabVIEW Configurator.
  • no, it does not not support the old configurator

    it supports MAVLink which offers you a big choice of ground stations (like qgroundcontrol)


    (and please, one of the files is named "MAVLINK", it is alpha code, so you should AT LEAST read the filenames)

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Aug 25