Since I tried my tricopter with ACM 2.0.4X and all was disaster I remember the last working was 2.0.39.

I need sources, not just binary because I always do some software mods before I compile...

I would appreciate if someone send me zipped directory with these sources (including subdirectory libraries)

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Oh, I skip deprecated option, well I thought thees old versions are deleted ...


I tried 2.0.48, the yaw problem is fixed. After getting used to some handling changes and tweaking the PID's it works well, as good as 2.0.42 my last benchmark.

Today I tested ACM 2.0.42 on tricopter.

Stabilise - OK


AUTO - run to first WP OK, after reaching first WP instead navigate to second WP it started loosing heigth. I switched quickly to stabilise but it was too far and I couldn't control it so it crashed down.

Battery was OK..., radio link was OK (FRSky modul didn't beeps at all), so I think there is some problem with GPS heigth and Baro heigth. (no sonar installed)

Only one propeller destroyed ;o)

Anyway this strange AUTO behaviour I noted more times. If anyone interested I attached also log file.


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