Hello all, I've seen this VTOL drone several times on web, and got curious for several reasons. Basically it is a 3.5m wingspan / 10kg payload VTOL.

1. It is being sold through online mall, or some cases it was introduced through events like exhibition, but not clear how to purchase.

    * Number of probable dealers : China(7), South Korea(2) UK(1), Ukraine(1), Iran(1)

2. In most cases, it is being sold together with wingspan 2.5m model with similar design.

3. They have same design features and I think they're basically all the same aircraft, maybe minor differences(motors, antennas, props...) are there, but looks exactly same.

4. They mostly have different names.

- Viewpro(China) : Blue Shark F350

- Foxtech(China) : AYK-350

- Airmobi(China) : M35

- ForbaoTech(China) : M35

- Drone Engr(China) : VTOL V tail carry 7KGS Lidar endurance 140 minutes for surveillance

- Fly Dragon(China) : FDG35

- Motionew(China) : Voron M35

- NeonTech(South Korea) : Sky Panther

- Chemtopia(South Korea) : KH-600F

- Sky-Drones(United Kingdom) : Skylane-350

- Unknown company(Ukraine) : Jupiter Hunter-1

- Unknown company(Iran) : Shahin   * Exported to Venezuela as 'ANSU-500'


I think the company / designer which made the original design might get so furious(being robbed) or making tons of money(selling well) out of their design.

And I wonder if anyone knows where this design originated, or is this an open-to-everyone design like freewares in the realm of software?

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  • Patrick,its a open to everyone design. public verison .
    We also have our design,drop me a mail :lean@yangdaonline.com
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