I'm doing a Trex 450 build log at my site kiloOhm.com, I'm at the point to where I need some good PID's but have heard that Autotune doesn't work for trad-heli's.

Any advice on PID's for a Trex 450 Pro V2 with Align 3500kv 6 pole motor. Using governor mode on Castle ICE 50 ESC.

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  • just attempted a maiden flight....was a disaster.


    • Developer


        Been there!  https://vimeo.com/17179040

        Ah wait, wrong one, here it is: https://vimeo.com/48672645

      • ha! that looks very familiar, mine did the same. detonated.

        Do you happen to still have the PID's? I know it was from 5 years ago. :/

        • Developer


          I don't have the PIDs and I don't think they would work anyway because the control algorithms have completely changed since then.  Rob Lefebvre is who you need to speak to.

          I would have thought that the default params would work for a Trex 450 but I guess not.

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