Does Hubsan X4 H501S worth the 310$?

Hello there, I'm planning on getting one of these. Can you please tell me your opinion about it? Does anybody have any experience with the Hubsan X4 H510S? Found it for 310$ on Geekbuying. Should I get one of these or an older used DJI one? Any suggestions?



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  • Phantom 3 does have a follow me mode and definitely more precise. I would go with Phantom 3 because the price dropped so much, I have flown both of these and both are high quality but Phantom is obviously better than the Hubsan when I fly it. If you really want a quality drone check out the 4

  • $310 is pretty good for what you get - FPV, follow-me function, return to home, brushless motors...the Phantom 3 standard price recently dropped to $399, but you won't get follow-me. Bang for the buck, I'd say the Hubsan is a pretty good choice. 

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Aug 25