Hey guys just a qeustion


, does the motors test still work in the terminal window or is it just me copter ? I have updated from older firmware to new one and cant get the motor test working not a single movement and also cant get flight , wondering if its not linked ?

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    at least on 2.0.44 it works just fine and there has no been any discussions to remove it yet so it should be there.

  • I agree with Chris - found that out last night while having difficulty in getting the AC2 HILS running. When in doubt start from scratch (I don't even use old setup files - just in case)

    By the way, did you guys notice something strange about the Altitude Hold fields in APM Planner 1.0.77 not being updated when connecting?



  • 3D Robotics

    Did you do the setup/config process again? You always have to do that after loading new firmware.

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