I have a 3DR quad ready to go except I needed a dome to protect the electronics. I didn't want to take time to make one so I was searching around the forum for a ready made one that would work. I saw Robert Lefebvre's thread on his big aluminum frame project and saw he was using the Hobby King HAL dome. It looked about the right size so I inquired of Robert the dimensions. He was kind enough to reply promptly and the size seemed about right. I was sure I would have to make brackets for it to work but was I shocked to find the mounting holes on the dome fit the outer bolt pattern for the arm mounts at the corners of the frame plates. It is a perfect fit as if it were made for the 3DR quad and is very sturdy so it should take some abuse. I am ecstatic! I usually don't have it this easy.

Image is attached. To get one, go to Hobby King/multi rotors/Hal quad.

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Ha Ha! Glad I already have two.

Hello Dennis,

I do not find it on hobbyking. They sell a HAL frame which has a dome on it but you still purchase the whole frame. Where did you find on their site the dome only ?


Good find and excellent that it fits without modification. Shame it's only going to fit a quad which is why I had mine specially made.

@Hugues - Here is the direct link - http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__25113__Turnigy_H_A_L_Qua...

Saweet!  Thanks, now I can put a lid on my 3DR Quad as well!  I got a new one after the mishap with the Octo.  I'll use the old, slightly scratched, and cursed one on the quad.

thx , found it !

Yes, too bad. We could never be that lucky twice.

Thanks for looking up and posting the link.

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