Has anyone (or better, who has) done an ArduPilot conversion for an old DraganFlyer V?  I have one - flies like crap because it's got brush motors and old electronics - the frame is pretty solid though, so, I want to make it useful.

Any feedback/suggestions would be great.  I have a Makerbot and was thinking about whipping up some ArduPilot mounting brackets if it hasn't already been done.




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Hi William

I am also converting a draganflyer using brushless motors and the APM2. I will post images as my project progresses.

Here is the plan in dxf of the replacement plate I am using to replace the original draganflyer board




That's fantastic.  I'm not sure which motors to use - and when I decide, I'm going to make mounts

on my makerbot for each of them.  Perhaps we can make a deal - I make  you motor mounts and you make me the plate(s). 

One suggestion - just my personal preference, is to make the new plate oriented such that it flies in X configuration rather than the original +.  Do you have a preference?


I had started to convert my draganflyer for brushless operation a couple of years ago but I did not finish it.

I was using brushless motors that almost fit as a direct replacement for the brushed ones. The positive side is that it was an easy conversion but the negative side is that I am still using the original gears, the motors are not directly coupled to the propellers, see attached document.

I will have my plate next week, it is made from laser cut 1/16in Delrin. Right now it is made for + mode operation.

I can see if there is enough room to rotate the holes 45 deg for X mode operation. If it works, I could certainly make an extra one, I have the material and a laser cutting machine available. There are two sets of holes on the plate, one for the APM 2 and one for the DIYDrones Power distribution board.

If you can manufacture motor mounts, I would be interested, let me know when you select your motors.



I just tried the draganflyer airframe with the APM2this afternoon. It flies well with the default parameters, it does not oscilllate but it responds maybe a little bit agressively. I will try reduce the Rate Roll P a little to see how it goes.

For now I use small motors that fit in the original mounts, I still use the gears and the original propellers.

The motors and drives come from a kit that I had originally purchased to convert my draganflyer to brushless operation. I attached the conversion procedure that a guy had developed a couple years ago, it contains the list of a few useful parts. I will upload pictures from my draganflyer next week.



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