After few months of patience I was finally able to order the V3 version from Dragon Link web site last night. They finally have a new stock!

I would be interested in hearing from others who have used Dragon Link before or any other long distance TX/RX combo such as TBS Cross fire etc. Why you prefer the others etc.

My main interest in V3 version is because it supports Telemetry (50KM), works with mission planner/Pixhawk, they even have a OSD solution as well now.

I would be interested in hearing if someone knows a better product than Dragon Link.


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This is not off the shelf and requires DIY skills but it has better Mavlink telemetry performance than Dragonlink V3 (thus far I think).

Of course you really should be a licensed ham to operate a 1W 433 transmitter in the US. But that also applies to Dragon Link's 1.5W new RX units. Though I think these are a long way down the list of RF problems in out airspace.


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