Hello all,

I'm currently in the middle of a school project in which they want us to design a GUI (displaying Long, Lat, and Alt, among other things...) in MATLAB. I have a way of doing this now, but it is long and involves a few different programs. It is as follows:

1. Open Flight Planner

2. Manually convert tlogs to CSV and save it.

3. Pull needed data from CSV in matlab file

(Or something along those lines, I was using TLogDataExtractor.exe and Excel at one point)

What I need help with is eliminating the need to use APM Flight Planner at all.

Maybe by finding a way to pull data directly into MATLAB?That would be the ideal solution.

I'm way out of my area of expertise (which is Power Systems...), so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

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Thanks, I think this was it!

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