How do I send a pattern into an 8x32 LED matrix? I'm using the AT89S52 microcontroller with a 74HC154 4-16 line decoder, programming in C with the Keil IDE. I've done vertical scanning, but am stumped at the next step. I will include the schematic if needed. The circuit is the same with the one I include below only I don't use 74HC138, common anode matrix and I use UN2803 as a driver, I'm not using the memory

This is the date sheet of 74HC154 :

Port 1 is the column, port 2 is the row...the code :

row = 0xFF;
//for (j=0x01; j< 0x08; j=1) { /* scan left to right */
for (j=0x00; j<=0x0F; j++)
P1 = j;
P2 = row;
/* Output to LED Port */
for (i = 0; i < 100; i++)
{ /* Delay for 100 ms */
delay (); /* call delay function */


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