Dream Machine

So, I'm setting out to design a RC plane/drone platform.

My plan is for it to be a slow speed, short landing and take off aircraft, capable of carrying a decent payload - although that is secondary to the first two points.

Why bother telling you this? Well I'd like some input from the people here, does this sound like a desirable platform? What qualities do you look for in a UAV?

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  • A Dreamachine is "viewed" with the eyes closed: the pulsating light stimulates the optic nerve and thus alters the brain's electrical oscillations. As users adjust to the experience, they see increasingly complex animated yantra-like patterns of color behind their closed eyelids (similar effects may be seen when travelling as a passenger in a car or bus; close your eyes as the vehicle passes through the flickering shadows cast by regularly spaced roadside trees, streetlights or tunnel striplights—these were the hypnagogic effects Brion Gysin said he sought to recreate with the device). It is claimed that by using a Dreamachine meditatively, users enter an alphawave, or hypnagogic state. This experience may sometimes be quite intense, but to escape from it, one needs only to open one's eyes. The Dreamachine may be dangerous for persons with photosensitive epilepsy or other nervous disorders. It is thought that one out of 10,000 adults will experience a seizure while viewing the device; about twice as many children will have a similar ill effect.

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  • Personally my design would be based around the current sorts of UAVs (predator, global hawk, sea avenger etc) taking the design components I like into one airframe.

    Huge wings for gentle flight (possibly gliding)
    External thrust (EDF like global hawk or motor on back like Predator - Easystar and EasyGlider placement is not my fav)
    Payload area designed for start (to make sure CG is centered with or without payload)
    ESC cooling location (not just stuck on the top/side like mine is now)
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    Well ideally you would want vertical 0 speed landing with a 100knot five hour cruise, but that might not be possible on a 50 dollar lipo.

    Payload can never be secondary.
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    Well, for starters we look for something better than what's already out there (just consider the Skywalker as a baseline). Why don't you start by explaining what disadvantage you see with the planes most people already use and what you're planning to do to avoid that.
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Liam left a comment on Agricultural UAVs
I'm Liam from T-MOTOR. I would like to reach out to see if there is any possibility for us to work together.
We are a propulsion system manufacturer who offers motors, propellers and ESCs for all kinds of drone applications which vary from secur…"
Jun 30
Richard Cox left a comment on Australia
"Anyone in the DIYDRONES Australian subgroup based in Alice Springs, NT?
I am experimenting with Ardupilot (standard Arduplane), Pixhawk 4 FC in a 4-ch
RC "AXN Floater Jet" foamy plane..."
Jun 29
Omar Sykes left a comment on Australia
"Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who is good at drone building, repair and software in Adelaide. Please give me a call on 0477 319 219."
Jun 29