Droid Planner v2.8.1_RC1 problems


I just downloaded the Droid Planner 2 app and it happens to be the v2.8.1 _RC1:

1) Does this version support ArduRover?  I noticed in the settings, you can set the default vehicle to ArduCopter, ArduPlane, or ArduRover.  However I've seen no documentation with Droid Planner 2 on ArduRovers.  I tried Droid Planner 2 on a Rover (setting the default vehicle settings to "ArduRover") with a Pixhawk and it won't travel to waypoints or execute any commands.  Actually, all it really is able to do is track the GPS position of the vehicle and cycle between "Manual", "Steering", and "Hold" modes.

2) I've seen several pictures and videos of the Droid Planner 2 app and notice they have a set of commands on the UI at the bottom of the screen (ex. Land, Loiter, Follow, etc.).  However, that shows up nowhere on my screen.  In fact, all I see is "Connect" where those commands should be.  Do I have a wrong version?  And is there a way to get an older version?  I keep getting prompted to install a voice system with the app which is like 80 MB (Much too large for my phone).  I keep ignoring it.  Could this be a reason to my problem?

3) Does anyone know if the Droid Planner v2.8.2_RC1 supports "Follow Me"?  If so, do you know how?  Whenever I switch to "Guided" mode, nothing ever happens (no mode change).


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  • Hello Stefan,

    Did you get your problem resolved? I do not use ArduRover but have DroidPlanner 2 for an Iris + copter. Unfortunately I have the same problem as you and have no Follow Me mode or any of the commands to Land, Loiter, etc. I am also using Samsung Tab Pro. 


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