Hello. I've been having an issue with my diy drone lately. I decided to change my battery from 3s to 4s and in the same time i managed to power up my tarot t-2d. Gimbal is working on the ground and in the air, but the problem comes when flying. What I mean : when gimbal is powered up, my drone shakes a lot, but the problem comes with gimbal probably. Here is the video:


But... when i disconnect the gimbal from the power and it's loose as a swing - the problem doesn't exist, drone flies perfectly with no shaking at all. Where can be the problem? Is it about changing something in my APM or what? I thought it could be a problem with my vibration dampers which could make all my gimbal to shake, so as drone, but then the problem should exist also when gimbal is not conneccted.

Any ideas?

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