DRONE SHOT DOWN: Duck hunter shoots, hits #DJI Inspire 2 in Utah

DRONE SHOT DOWN: Duck hunter shoots, hits #DJI Inspire 2 in Utah


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At this point, I am sure the FAA is aware of it and even if the guy whose drone got shot doesn't want to pursue this that is not to say the FAA won't.
I do think Mr. Allreds attitude is exceptionally enlightened and I wish him well.
Interesting point with his All Care insurance for DJI, if they do decide that Mr. Allred is covered it would be up to them to sue the duck hunter - drone assassin in civil court if they so desired.
My guess is that DJI will "duck" (pun intended) coverage - act of God or misguided duck hunters, perhaps.

Note to new DJI Inspire 2 pilot Mr. Allred, don't start out by flying your multi-thousand dollar quadcopter over a lake, frozen or not, even with the full coverage insurance you are just inviting disaster.

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Do not use your copter to harass a hunter. Almost every state has laws that get you a misdemeanor for doing such. I am sure this dork knew he was bugging the hunters. he had it comming

utah code.

§ 23-20-29. Interference with hunting prohibited--Action to recover damages--Exceptions

(1) A person is guilty of a class B misdemeanor who intentionally interferes with the right of a person licensed and legally hunting under Chapter 19,Licenses, Permits, and Tags to take wildlife by driving, harassing, or intentionally disturbing any species of wildlife for the purpose of disrupting a legal hunt, trapping, or predator control.

(2) Any directly affected person or the state may bring an action to recover civil damages resulting from a violation of Subsection (1) or a restraining order to prevent a potential violation of Subsection (1).

so i read more about this guy. He was flying out of LOS, over 1000' and out of control. The hunter got sited and so should this guy

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