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I'm too just starting out . 300 ft would be good for crop scouting .  You need to be able to go higher if you want to multispectrum pictures . You basically have two choices in camera . One is to have a fairly high end camera modified .http://www.lifepixel.com/products or tetracam . A ultra violet filt...

Look into either hexacopter or something like a biplane for example . You can preprogram plane or hexacopter  with something like Wookong M waypoint . A battery powered RC seems to be the way to go . But , this cut into how much time you have aloft . I'm waiting to see what the new FAA rules are when they come out .

Hi Andrew 

Thanks for the input, I will be hacking a standard camera to produce near infer-red images, which can be used to asses crop growth. I only have experience in fixed wing and believe that this is the better option. 


I tend to a agree with the fix plane . Apparently , from what i read 1000 feet is the elevation for things like multi spectrum photo . Route planning software is necessary , one that has ability to set up several gps way point so that camera know to when take a picture . You can also use a remote trigger .  You must have the ability to take tag each photo with location and date , so that  the farmer can examine the problem and take care of it . The aperture size matter . aperture size will affect the amount of vibration from the engine that affect the camera ability to take a good picture  . The aperture size eliminate the use of  telephoto lens . Their is a blog on diydrone on this subject .

There was an article on this subject today on yahoo



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