• @Haydar, unfortunately not. I've waited with big hopes but it never came commercially available from my sources. Not only because of their high power-to-weight ratio; but also because of the safety features...

    This is currently my favorite: but too expensive...

    @Marc, the video became my raison d'etre :) It will come...


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  • I think if you post the video of 58 minutes of flight you might gain some credibility.
  • Maybe Kaan has access to Li-S Batteries?

  • Kaan

    The 58 minute flight is interesting. Post the video

  • Ok I understand :)

  • I don't know what to say Tommy. The reality is that I don't feel like anymore to share anything after some comments in this forum. But then I'm afraid again people will tell "yeah yeah, of course you don't want it..."

    Let me first publish the video... it's not rocket science anyway :D
  • If you want to share some technical details please do. I'm very curious :)

  • I see. I don't know if I can change the title now...

    You're right. Video became certainly my first priority now.
    I have 58 minutes flight. I will publish the video as soon as I exceed 60 minutes...
  • Very good point Kaan.

    And yes, please tell us about your solution. A video will also be nice :)

    Nice comment, Forrest :)



  • Kaan, this discussion shouldn't even be taking place. Do you have 1 hour flight time? First step is video (one hour long, with stuff happening in the background that make it hard to spoof) or it didn't happen. Then the questions can start.

    Regarding my title gripe, back in the day we had to rol our eyes when "drone" implicitly meant "armed aerial killer robot". Now, we have to roll our eyes when it implicitly means "quad". Your title should be "Quad with 1 hour flight time", the important bit info is the quad. Drones with 1 hour flight times have existed long before this forum was created.

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