I want to scan buildings and create 3D models using a drone with a Lidar. What kind of Lidar should I use for this?

I would like to start with scanning a small object. Is it possible to do it with any Lidar or are there specific Lidars for 3D scanning?

I have TeraRanger One Rangefinder/Lidar which is used for drone collision avoidance. Can this be used fr 3D scanning objects?

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If you want to survey the buildings using Lidars you will probably want to look for something giving you high point density (probably something made by velodyne for getting points in multiple planes simultaneously).

We used TeraRanger Towers for making point cloud maps in indoor environments and you could extract the shape of the building and even create a model based on the measured points, however the point density was understandably much lower than what you expect using industrial scanners. You can give it a shot using ROS and octomap package.

Otherwise did you consider using photogrammetry tools for making the map? With appropriate outdoor conditions and image overlap you can get quite quite impressive 3D models!

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