Hello everyone!

I'm a multirotor enthusiast like most of you and I am also a mechanical engineering student!

I got a summer internship at a petroleum company for the Process and Occupational Safety department. My job consist to help department' teams on various safety implementation/development projects. The idea of implementing drone uses is going around the office but since it is yet a recent and a young subject, the arguments supporting the idea seem to be missing. Other gas and oil company are starting to use drones for inspections and the company I work for don't like to be behind.

I was wondering if any of you could help me out by sharing some arguments and ideas on how and why to implement drones in the a petroleum industry. Note that the company I work for strongly values safety of its employees as well as its equipments and environment. We are also going through a rough economical time.

My goal here is to help the company modernize, become more safe, stay in the competition, while saving cost. Of course I cannot do all this by myself in 4 months. Thought I strongly believe it would be a great project to start in the department.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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