Dropped from balloon: DesRoll Square Wave in AUTO - ArduPlane 3.8.4

Just dropped a scratch built flying wing from a high altitude weather balloon. Here's quick vid of detaching at altitude.

The glider did the right thing and managed to land on it's own at the target landing site, but while looking at the logs I realized for a long section of the flight, the glider was rolling back and forth rapidly:

And so I checked DesRoll - this was a commanded roll oscillation.

I did my best to look for a cause, but other than pidR I don't know much about what generates those desired roll commands.

The log was too large to upload to this ticket, so I've attached it here. Would really appreciate some help in figuring out what's going on here so I can avoid it in the future. Thanks!

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The glider was loitering, isn't it?

It was in AUTO mode with a LOITER waypoint specified on the ground. It hadn’t reached the waypoint at that point in the flight, however. From the onboard camera it appeared to be rolling back and forth at about 1hz

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